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And the MVPs for Q2 2014 are….

The Foundant management team (better known as “The Big Wigs”) implemented an MVP program at the beginning of the year as a way to recognize team members that not only perform exceptionally in their day-to-day responsibilities, but find additional ways to go above and beyond to add value to the company and our clients. We just awarded our MVPs for Q2 2014 and will now be announcing the MVPs publically in addition to our internal announcements. Past MVP award winners are listed below along with more complete bios for our most recent MVP awards.

Q4 2013 MVPs announced in January:
– Grant Elliott
– Sammie Holzwarth
– Cory Brester

Q1 2014 MVPs announced in April:
– Kris Thorson
– Aaron Spevacek
– Nick Combs

Q2 2014 MVPs announced in July:

Grant ElliotDaren selected Grant Elliot as a Q2 MVP, making Grant our first repeat winner of the award. In his role as Product Engineer, Grant’s primary responsibilities are to support the sales team by providing expert technical product demonstrations and to support our Product Team by writing many of the specifications for new functionality we’re adding to Grant Lifecycle Manager. In addition to performing those primary roles at an exceptional level, Grant led our user group efforts in Q2 and personally hosted 10 user group meetings around the country. One of Grant’s biggest accomplishments in Q2 was figuring out a new method for creating videos that we use for our marketing and client training efforts. If you haven’t seen an example of these amazing videos you can check out the newest one for Connect here. We’re excited to see what’s next from Grant and are confident he’ll be in the running for future MVP awards!

NickChris chose Nick Lapp, Foundant Development Intern, as a Q2 MVP. For the first 7 months that Nick was an intern with us, he worked primarily on migrating client data and helped improve that process. Then in Q2, with limited opportunity for preparation – and while he was in the midst of wrapping up his spring semester – we asked Nick to do front line client support. It was a challenging transition, but Nick stepped up and did a great job for us and for clients. We then asked Nick to fill a new role doing both technical support and assisting with our QA efforts. He’s not only helped us find and address issues more quickly, he’s also been very proactive about learning the details of GLM functionality. Nick has looked for ways to add value above and beyond his current role. He’s spent time learning how GLM data is structured, as well as how to step through the source code for GLM. He’s even helped fix a few coding defects. The bottom line is that Nick has demonstrated initiative and responsibility beyond what his job description would indicate – and it’s much appreciated. We’re looking forward to Nick’s continuing contributions to the technology team.

Tiffany MaierleTiffany Maierle was selected by Mark for his Q2 2014 MVP based on the success of our Foundant User Groups in the first half of the year. Despite having multiple other responsibilities in her role as the Director of Marketing at Foundant, Tiff managed the planning, logistics and marketing of our 2014 User Groups to unprecedented results. In the first 6 months if the year, Foundant hosted 10 user groups (in 10 different cities) with over 130 clients attending these events. This client engagement is so very important at Foundant since we put a high value on client feedback and suggestions. In the past, we have wondered about the usefulness of user groups due to limited participation and the effort to execute them. However, in the past year, Tiffany and her team have figured out how to make these important events easy to execute and well attended. Tiff’s ability to solve a difficult problem and turn it into a strength is why she was named one of the Q2 MVPs.