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10 Reasons Foundant’s 2012 Summit was Monumental to Me

Summit Attendee: Kristen Cullen with Carolyn Foundation

  1. I learned a ton!!  Does anyone else’s book have several flags sticking out from the pages?
  2. Hearing the Foundant “story” from Daren, Mark and Chris was a great kick-off and remains one of my favorite memories.
  3. I found Kris and Grant’s session on “Tips and Tricks” especially useful – if you missed this, ask them for a recap.
  4. I appreciated having firsthand access to Development.  It was beneficial to be able to share ideas and to hear what is coming down the pipeline.
  5. Getting to know the entire Foundant Team in person was great and has enhanced my day-to-day interaction with them online.
  6. Networking with other organizations was invaluable for me.  I have a new community of colleagues with which I can do idea sharing.
  7. We have been inspired in our organization to take a closer look at doing customized “print packets” – this is something our board will find especially useful.
  8. I thoroughly enjoyed the dinners and the socializing – what a fantastic group of folks!
  9. I’d be lying if the view wasn’t one of the highlights – being in Big Sky left me with a mountain “high” from which I am still coming down.
  10. I am counting down to the next Foundant Summit in 2013.  If you missed it, I highly suggest attending next year.