Is Foundant GLM well suited for managing Scholarship Award Programs?

If you’re ready to eliminate much of the time, effort and even paper involved in dealing with a large volume of scholarship applications, then yes, Foundant GLM is a fit for you. We understand how labor intensive and time consuming it is to ensure your organization's dollars are being directed to the applicants that best meet your funding goals. We can simplify this for you, and even provide a better experience for your applicants by taking the process online where they can easily complete applications and stay informed.

Some of the benefits Scholarship Awards Programs receive from Foundant GLM include:

  • Customizing online application forms and program workflow easily – even if you have no previous information technology experience
  • Reducing paperwork, phone calls and emails by streamlining program management in an online paperless environment
  • Helping your applicants meet deadlines without the expense and time hassle of the postal service
  • Keeping applicants on track with their scholarship reporting requirements with automated email reminders and online reporting forms

You’ll also find that because your applicants enter their own data into the Foundant online grants management system, you eliminate duplicate data entry, and you no longer have to transcribe all the scholarship data into numerous spreadsheets. Of course this also increases data accuracy.

Take a look at the Scholarship Programs we’ve helped below. Enjoy some of their case studies, and when you’re ready to hear how we can make your life easier give us a call!

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Foundant Scholarship Clients (partial list)

Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation

Bozeman Schools Foundation

Bruce L. Crary Foundation, Inc.

Central Alabama Community Foundation

Central Minnesota Community Foundation

College Spark Washington

Community Foundation of North Central Wisconsin

Community Foundation of Northeast Alabama

Community Foundation Santa Cruz County

Education Foundation for Billings Public Schools

Grand Rapids Area Community Foundation

Lithuanian Foundation

Palo Alto Partners in Education

Robert & Patricia Switzer Foundation

Say Yes To Education

Society of Exploration Geophysicists Foundation

Student Assistance Foundation

Technical College System of GA

The Alaska Community Foundation

The Erie Community Foundation

The Hans Saari Memorial Fund

The Pedrozzi Scholarship Foundation

Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth

Whitney Benefits