Why does it cost so much less?

Many people ask how we can afford to sell our solution at a substantially lower price than other software providers. We have some strong beliefs on the subject of pricing:

Share the risks, share the responsibility, share the rewards
Foundant believes in a fair pricing model that shares both risk and reward with our customers. Our software is licensed on a subscription basis and after we factor in costs for sales, training, and support we only make a limited profit on the initial subscription with any given client. As we continue to deliver high value to our clients, and they renew their subscriptions, the relationship delivers a fair return to us. This pricing model ensures we are equally dedicated to the success of every client.

Share costs, share resources, save money
We deliver our solutions as web-based services rather than installed software. We have direct control over the server environment, backups, security, and all other infrastructure related to the performance of our software. We have access to our client implementations for troubleshooting and training. This level of access and control represents a dramatic advantage to our cost structure and client satisfaction.

Built to provide lasting value
Our business model was built around utilizing the latest in technology to limit our costs while delivering exceptional customer service. We’ve implemented a sophisticated online knowledge base that allows our customers to access the latest support information from Foundant staff as well as from peer organizations within our user community 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Dedicated to keeping costs reasonable
We are very proud of our development efforts to build software solutions based on the right design paradigm. Our goal from day one has been to deliver a solution that our clients can maintain and manage on their own with limited training from Foundant. Users with basic Microsoft Office-level computer skills can be trained to build web forms and manage their grant programs. This level of control allows us to scale as an organization in a more controlled manner. We’re excited to be the first vendor to deliver a fully-functional online grant management solution at a price point that foundations of all sizes can afford.