How can I learn from others?

One of the benefits of choosing Foundant GLM is joining the Foundant Community. Our community is a place where you can receive suggestions and learn from experiences of the hundreds of other Foundant customers. This is the place where you can receive answers to questions that may not be about how a product feature works but rather how to best explain it to your applicants or reviewers. Our customers all have one thing in common – they all tend to be doing a lot with little or no staff. Even with some of our larger community foundation or corporate foundation clients, the group responsible for managing the granting or scholarship programs is, at most, just a few people.

Our online community is just one way to help introduce our customers to each other. We regularly hold user group meetings wherever there is a group of customers interested in sharing their experiences. We have groups in Washington DC, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, Philadelphia, Florida, Seattle, Montana and even in Lincoln, Nebraska. We also hold regional trainings, training webinars and customer summit events throughout the year.