What does "going paperless" really mean?

With Foundant GLM going paperless depends on your personal and organizational goals. We have clients who have simply moved their application process online. They receive most of their applications and grant reports electronically, but they still prepare board documentation to be distributed via the traditional board book format. They have taken a step toward reducing their paper usage while understanding some of their team may not be willing or comfortable with reviewing proposals online using a computer or iPad. These clients usually have plans to reduce more paper and to gradually move more steps online as they feel their organization is ready to do so.

Other Foundant clients have virtually eliminated all forms of paper used in their grantmaking process. They exclusively accept applications and grant reports through Foundant GLM’s online forms, expect their reviewers to evaluate proposals online and even have moved to online grant agreements that grantees must accept before a check is cut or an electronic payment is made. They use Foundant GLM’s document storage capabilities to store any other type of documentation and do not keep physical files in their office any longer because they know they can access their data at any time, from anywhere. For some of these clients it has become almost a race or challenge to eliminate the last piece of paper. We have even had clients cancel their post office boxes as a final statement to their paperless commitment.

The main point is it’s your choice how you want to run your grantmaking process, and it’s our job to assist you in meeting the goals you have for reducing your paper usage and making your office more efficient.