What is Foundant’s track record?

We are proud of what we have accomplished in a very short time. Since 2007, we have grown from a brand new start-up to being one of the largest providers of grants management solutions with hundreds of grantmakers using Foundant GLM. We have led the way on how to roll out effective, easy to use online grant making systems.

Back when paper was still the primary way of managing grant programs, we looked at the typical foundation and knew things would naturally move online. While it’s not uncommon to hear about grantmakers struggling to roll out online granting processes, we are proud that very few people who purchase our solution fail to implement it and use the solution to make their lives better, their organizations more focused, and their application process easier. In fact, we offer a money back guarantee so customers know we are committed to their success. So far we have provided a refund to only three foundations where, after the implementation process began, we agreed we would not be able to meet their needs.