How will it fit my needs?

Because we had many different grantmakers with many different needs and focus areas involved in the initial development of Foundant GLM, you’ll find the system is highly configurable. We built Foundant GLM from day one to be a commercial software solution for all grantmakers. You decide what features you want to use and how you want to run your grant programs. We support all of our clients using the exact same software and hardware components. This technical environment allows us to provide the outstanding customer service we are known for while quickly and inexpensively making the software improvements that our customer community request. This helps Foundant stand apart from the competition.

Many grant management software providers start off as consultants helping a single grantmaker solve their grant management problem. After the initial release, they look at the market and decide how the custom solution developed will meet the needs of more foundations and a new grant management company is born. In this scenario, if a new client needs a new feature or workflow, they sell them consulting and program a customization. Quickly they run into the problem of supporting dozens of clients running slightly different solutions. New feature development becomes impossible and support cost becomes expensive. The past is riddled with failed grant management companies that made the same mistake.

We look to our client community to help determine what we add to our solution, so instead of charging clients for customizations, we ask for suggestions, solicit feedback from our community and prioritize based on what will improve our solution as a whole. This process keeps software development more focused and well thought out, so we do not end up with an unstable solution overloaded with loose end features.

Finally, every potential Foundant client must first participate in a one-on-one, custom demonstration so we can understand your organization and show you how we can meet your specific needs. The custom demonstration is the best way to understand if Foundant GLM is a fit for you. We promise with our money back guarantee that we will be upfront and honest, only recommending our solution if it is in the best interest of both our organizations.