Is Foundant GLM easy to use?

Foundant GLM was designed to be used and managed by people with basic computer experience – we like to say "Microsoft Office level skills". Most of our primary administrators have never been the administrator of a computer system before, but they enjoy the opportunity and the flexibility Foundant GLM provides. We purposely developed our solution in a way to ensure clients would not need an IT resource to manage the solution. More importantly, Foundant GLM administrators have the freedom to create, launch or modify their online application forms and granting programs whenever they want, without having to call us and ask when we can help them and how much it will cost. This control and flexibility is a major difference between Foundant GLM and other available online grant management solutions.

Ease of use though, is not only about how easy it is for your administrator. Applicants, grantees and reviewers all need to be able to successfully use your online grant management system. Having the perfect system for administrative purposes when others can’t seem to make it work or understand it is like having a tennis serve that people can’t return. It may be an accomplishment to behold, but it isn’t much fun to watch or to be required to participate in. Foundant GLM has been built using feedback from the applicant and reviewer communities. Because applicants are the largest group that uses Foundant GLM, with hundreds of thousands of applications submitted, we constantly strive to improve the application and grant reports process. Our clients consistently receive feedback from applicants and grantees complimenting them on their online applications and grant reports.