Can I really learn to do this?

We hear this question all the time – sometimes with a question mark; sometimes with an exclamation point. The answer to both is, yes. We have taught many different types of people to be the administrators of Foundant GLM. From technology newbies to people that have experience writing code themselves.

The reason a person with little technical experience can learn to manage Foundant GLM is the system follows the logical flow of your grantmaking process. Our deployment process is also customized for each client to guide you through what you need to know, when you need to know how to do it. Once you have run a complete giving cycle, you have the experience needed to easily administer your grant or scholarship program.

The key to satisfying our more technical clients is the customer deployment process. Our technically savvy clients appreciate that the system is very flexible making it easy to modify our system to meet your needs. In fact, some of our most interesting enhancements and product usage ideas come directly from our power users.