Foundant for Reviewers and Evaluators

If an online system is at all complex reviewers and evaluators simply won’t use it.

The role of the reviewer/evaluator has been somewhat overlooked when it comes to online granting. Some grant management tools only allow for the application side of the equation to happen online. Unfortunately, that means staff still has to deal with all the time consuming tasks involved with creating paper print packets and sending them out to board members and/or other evaluators. Of course that also means reviewers are waiting 2-3 weeks before the review meeting for the big box of papers to show up that they need to rifle through. But with Foundant GLM evaluators simply log into the system and immediately see an area dedicated to them where they see applications that have been assigned to them for evaluation.

This dedicated area for evaluators is very basic and clean. They see only those applications that have been assigned to them, and if they’re a board level evaluator they’ll see what’s queued up for the next board meeting. Plus, applications can be assigned to evaluators as they are received. Evaluators can review applications in real time instead of waiting to deal with dozens of applications all at once. You can also provide very specific evaluation criteria, or you can keep it simple.

Evaluators really like the fact that Foundant GLM gives them information that has been difficult to provide in the past. For example, Foundant GLM shows the actual LOI that was submitted, the application, and any prior evaluations if there was a staff level evaluation before board level evaluation. Evaluators can also see details such as funding history specifics with a particular organization, organization budget, the applicant’s board of directors, and more. Providing this information in one area means you no longer have to tailor every single application to each evaluator. Instead, they can easily find the information that’s important to them. And if they prefer to read in a hard copy printed version, Foundant GLM prints the complete application and all uploaded files in one cohesive packet.

Foundant GLM also helps you use the evaluator’s time effectively – which they greatly appreciate. Before the review meeting or board meeting, evaluators can login, see how others have evaluated the applications, and get prepared. This gives the evaluator or board member the ability to be ready for the meeting, and it gives you the ability to ensure each evaluator reviews applications prior to the meeting. Using Foundant GLM ultimately leads to shorter, more effective meetings.