Foundant for Grantmakers

Grantmakers have the most to gain when moving online.

If you’re looking at online grant management software, one of your main goals is likely saving time. If you’re tired of opening and processing mail, doing data entry, making copies, filing into filing cabinets, collating grant programs, assembling board books, mailing materials out to evaluators, answering questions from applicants, answering questions from reviewers, having to find information…the list goes on and’ll be thrilled to find Foundant GLM can either eliminate or significantly reduce the time you spend on these tasks.

With Foundant GLM grantmakers maintain control of how they run their organization. The management of forms, when programs launch, and deciding what to do with programs is still completely under the control of the grant manager. Within the system, the administrator has the ability to build and manage all online forms: Letter of Inquiry, Application, Evaluation, and Grant Follow-Up.

Foundant GLM provides a complete view of the entire grant management workflow. You can see how many LOIs have been submitted, applications that need to be reviewed, applications already in the review process, grant reports that have been submitted, and much more all at a glance.

One of the big benefits of Foundant GLM is all data is populated into the system by applicants filling out their applications and by evaluators filling out their evaluations, cutting down on data entry for your staff and increasing data accuracy. With Foundant GLM you’ll have access to all the information you need in one central location.

Foundant GLM can be tailored to just about any type of foundation and that’s why we work with a wide variety of different types of clients: Family Foundations, Private Foundations, Community Foundations, Scholarships, Arts and Humanities Councils, Corporate Foundations, Industry Associations, and Research and Fellowship Grants. All of these different types of organizations are able to use the Foundant system because the platform is highly configurable. They simply tailor their forms and their workflow to match how they work.