Foundant for Applicants

When it comes to successfully launching online systems for applicants, priority one should always be simplicity.

With Foundant GLM, the applicant can move through the system with ease. They can quickly see the various grant programs you have available and which programs they qualify for. You have complete control over the application questions and exactly how you word those questions. This means you can keep things simple for your applicants with a clean, clear application. We believe online applications should make everybody’s life easier.

Foundant GLM offers several features applicants love. The "Save as a Draft" feature means the applicant can save their work and return to it later rather than being forced to power through an application all in one sitting. Although Foundant GLM reminds the applicant to save work on a regular basis, we also perform an auto-save to ensure application data is not lost.

Another handy feature for the applicant is the ability to print the application questions. They can start working through an application, print the questions, and then gather all additional information they need to complete the application or even assign out certain elements of the application for others in their organization to complete.

Our Fax to File capability is a big hit with applicants. This allows applicants to convert paper documents to electronic format. This feature is so popular with applicants we’re actually converting 1500 pages of paper documentation into electronic PDF format every month!

With Foundant GLM, the applicant always has a copy of what they’ve done in the system. Their history with your organization is stored all in one central place. The applicant can pull up any previous application and even print any of this information from applications they’re currently working on or others they’ve submitted in the past.

You know, when you move to an online environment, of course this means you’re requiring your applicants to do so as well, so it’s great to offer tools that make this transition as easy as possible. Foundant GLM truly shines when it comes to simplicity for applicants.