Family Foundations

Why is Foundant GLM online grant management software such a good fit for Family Foundations?

Because we know how to help you do more with less. We get that you’re likely running with a lean staff of volunteers and/or a few paid staff members, and we understand that family members who make up the board often take on the responsibility of grantmaking, plus management and governance of the foundation. In short, we know that running your foundation is a big job placed on just a few people. And that’s where Foundant GLM shines.

Some of the benefits Family Foundations receive from Foundant GLM include:

  • Better collaboration because family members have online access to all granting information regardless of their geographic location
  • The ability to view the complete history of each grant request as well as organically created online summaries of each organization you've supported
  • Streamlined board meetings and even virtual board meetings with the help of 24/7 access to all grant information via the web and a single repository for all grantmaking activities

Many of our clients have discovered that Foundant GLM has helped them get "Next Gen" family members' engaged in continuing the philanthropic missions of the family foundation. Younger family members are typically comfortable with technology and excited about online grantmaking. We enjoy being part of the continuation process by helping you move policy, procedures and standards, often held in the minds of the older family members, online for the next generation of philanthropists.

Take a look at the many Family Foundations we’ve helped below. Enjoy some of their online grantmaking success stories, and when you’re ready to hear how we can make your life easier give us a call!

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Foundant Family Foundation Clients (partial list)

Arthur N. Rupe Foundation

Ausherman Family Foundation

B.A. & Esther Greenheck Foundation

Bernard F. And Alva B. Gimbel Foundation

Bernstein Family Foundation

Biller Family Foundation, Sheri and Les, The

Blackburn Family Advancement Fund

Bravo Foundation

C. Louis Meyer Family Foundation

Carolyn Foundation

Carolyn W. and Charles T. Beaird Family Foundation

Charles D. Jacobus Family Foundation

Christel DeHaan Family Foundation

Clarence E. Heller Charitable Foundation

Cora Foundation

Craig and Kathryn Hall Foundation

Cross Charitable Foundation

Cullen Foundation

Dan Murphy Foundation

Daphne Foundation

Dean & Margaret Lesher Foundation

Deerbrook Charitable Trust

Delaplaine Foundation

Dr. John T. MacDonald Foundation

Elsa M. Heisel Sule Charitable Trust

Esping Family Foundation

Family Philanthropy Advisors

Five Bridges Foundation

Flint Family Foundation

Fred & Jean Allegretti Foundation

Fred Harris Daniels Foundation

Frieda C. Fox Family Foundation

Gary E. Milgard Family Foundation

Genevieve & Ward Orsinger Foundation

Genuardi Family Foundation

George and Fay Young Foundation

George B. Storer Foundation

Gerstner Family Foundation

Gianforte Family Foundation

Gould Charitable Foundation

Graham & Carolyn Holloway Family Foundation

Gustafson Family Foundation

Hamilton Family Foundation

Hau'oli Mau Loa Foundation

HEDCO Foundation

Henry P. Kendall Foundation

Herbert W Hoover Foundation

Hind Foundation

Ho/Chiang Foundation

Hoffberger Family Philanthropies

HRK Foundation

Irene S. Scully Foundation

Island Foundation

Ittleson Foundation

J.R. Albert Foundation

Jubitz Family Foundation

Judy Family Foundation

June & Julian Foss Foundation

Laird Norton Family Foundation

Lanners Foundation, Leonette M. and Fred T.

Leo M. Shortino Family Foundation

Lobeck Taylor Family Foundation

LOR Foundation

Luther I. Replogle Foundation

Lyda Hill Foundation

Marbrook Foundation

Marie C.& Joseph C. Wilson Foundation

Marilyn & William Young Charitable Foundation, Inc.

Martin Family Foundation

Mary A. Crocker Trust

Maybelle Clark Macdonald Fund

Mays Family Foundation

Medina Foundation

Meehan Family Foundation

Merancas Foundation

Merck Family Fund

Mike and Gillian Goodrich Charitable Foundation

Miller-Dwan Foundation

Morgan Family Foundation

Mortenson Family Foundation

Moser Family Foundation

Norman Raab Foundation

Oberkotter Foundation

Paul M. Angell Family Foundation

Quest Foundation

Reva and David Logan Foundation

Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation

Robert & Frances Chaney Family Foundation

Robert & Joan Dircks Foundation

Roth Family Foundation

Samuel Rubin Foundation

Sargent Family Foundation

Shield-Ayres Foundation

Shirk Family Foundation

Solon E. Summerfield Foundation

Stackner Family Foundation

Stoller Foundation

Sundance Family Foundation

Tarsadia Foundation

The Alfred and Mary Douty Foundation

The Barra Foundation

The Braitmayer Foundation

The Bravo Foundation

The Cailloux Foundation

The Char and Chuck Fowler Family Foundation

The Charles H. Stout Foundation

The Claneil Foundation

The Cricket Island Foundation

The Finnup Foundation

The Hershey Foundation

The Joseph Henry Edmondson Foundation

The Joyce Foundation

The Judd Leighton Foundation

The Kelvin and Eleanor Smith Foundation

The Kent Richard Hofmann Foundation

The Kinsman Foundation

The Klingenstein Third Generation Foundation

The Krupp Family Office

The Leo & Peggy Pierce Family Foundation

The Louis & Harold Price Foundation

The Lumpkin Family Foundation

The Malone Family Foundation

The Mitte Foundation

The Needmor Fund

The O.P. & W.E. Edwards Foundation

The Patricia Kind Family Foundation

The Russell Family Foundation

The Ruth & Hal Launders Charitable Trust

The Simmons Foundation

The Slomo and Cindy Silvian Foundation, Inc.

The Special Hope Foundation

The Spurlino Foundation

The Thomas J. Long Foundation

The Tucker Foundation

The Volgenau Foundation

The William Bingham Foundation

The Wilson Sheehan Foundation

The Wood-Claeyssens Foundation

Theodore W. Batterman Family Foundation

Tocker Foundation

Valentine Foundation

Vibrant Village Foundation

Weaver Foundation

Wendy Obernauer Foundation

West Family Foundation

Whitaker Foundation

William Davidson Foundation

William G. McGowan Charitable Fund

William R. Burleigh Family Foundation

Woodard Family Foundation

Woods Charitable Fund

Zimmerman Family Foundation