Corporate Foundations

Why would we select Foundant online grant management software for our Corporate Giving Program?

How important is it that interactions with your foundation reflect well upon the overall brand of your corporation? Of course it’s critical, and it puts you in a difficult position when you’re handling hundreds if not thousands of applications. The need to respond in a timely fashion and not let anything slip through the cracks is critical. Plus, coordinating giving programs across multiple locations and encouraging and managing local participation adds to your workload.

The corporate philanthropy organizations we work with appreciate how Foundant GLM improves the efficiency of their granting operations allowing them to handle large quantities of applications without missing a beat – and helping to build a great corporate image.

Some of the benefits Corporate Foundations receive from Foundant GLM include:

  • Capturing key outcomes data from your giving programs to promote within your company as well as within your communities
  • Using online application review tools to easily allow community evaluators or reviewers in specific areas to be involved in local giving program decisions
  • Making interacting with your foundation an enjoyable, easy process for applicants by giving them access to simple online applications

We can help you streamline your work by cutting down data entry, photocopying, filing, and many more laborious tasks. Plus, moving the granting process online makes your organization a better global citizen by reducing paper usage.

Take a look at the Corporate Foundations we’ve helped below, and when you’re ready to hear how we can make your life easier give us a call!

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Foundant Corporate Foundation Clients (partial list)

AFL Global

Delta Dental of Iowa Foundation

Delta Dental of Oklahoma Oral Health Foundation

Eastern Bank

GPD Group Employees' Foundation


Middlesex Savings Charitable Foundation

National Express Giving Foundation

National Life Group Foundation

Patterson Foundation

Pinnacol Assurance

Pinnacol Foundation

ScanSource Charitable Foundation

The Caring Foundation /Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama

Troy Savings Bank Charitable Foundation

Warriors Community Foundation

Western Digital Foundation