Foundant Client Advisory Board

I hope to bring my 12+ years of grants management experience and lessons learned to the group. My goal is to be the voice for the needs of grant managers especially from small to mid-size funders. Also, I would like to see Foundant continue to make quality improvements to maintain a competitive, quality product.

- Erin Baird, Director of Grant Programs, Allegany Franciscan Ministries

Foundant Client Advisory Board

I am excited to be a member of CORE and look forward to working with other foundation representatives in our joint goal of providing feedback and support to Foundant as they work to make a good product better. As a funder of health and science related research, I feel I can bring a different perspective to the committee and help ensure that GLM is a product that continues to have broad appeal to current as well as future Foundant clients.

- James Beck, Director of Research Programs, Parkinson's Disease Foundation

Foundant Client Advisory Board

I hope to bring a couple unique perspectives to the CORE Team. First, we have been with Foundant for a long time and use GLM for a variety of things. We are "scholarship heavy", meaning we have a higher percentage of scholarship funds than most foundations. Also, we have done a lot of work with streamlining, as well as administering a lot of high volume, low dollar grants.

- Sarah Copeland, Director of Grants & Programs, Grand Rapids Area Community Foundation

Foundant Client Advisory Board

I am pleased to be part of the CORE team. I believe our collective experience can assist Foundant in advancing their products, growing their customer base and providing additional ideas and support for the Company's long term growth.

- Brewster Crosby, Vice Chair, Carolyn Foundation

Foundant Client Advisory Board

I was honored to have been asked to participate in CORE. Taking our foundation's grant making online has been transformative for us on every level, operationally and strategically. Since 2009, we’ve seen a seismic shift in how our board members engage in the grant review process, in how nimbly we can now interact with applicants, and how much time we save everyone on both sides of the process. It is absolutely one of my favorite topics to expound on professionally, and I look forward to adding value to the Foundant’s development team in this new capacity.

- Meredith A. Huffman, Executive Director, Genuardi Family Foundation

Foundant Client Advisory Board

I look forward to the opportunity to help shape the product going forward as well as network with other users and perhaps improve our current workflow.

- Laura Kurzrok, Executive Director, Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation

Foundant Client Advisory Board

As a CORE participant I am looking forward to improving how I use Foundant and how I talk about the features and uses of the software. Additionally, I look forward to sharing with Foundant (and other CORE members) the feedback we receive on both the product and how we use it.

- Linsey Sauer, Grants Manager, The Russell Family Foundation

Foundant Client Advisory Board

As an artist and creative problem solver, I would like to contribute my time and talent to CORE as a way to give back and show appreciation for the valued service provided by Foundant.

- Leslie Schumacher, Executive Director, Central Minnesota Arts Board

Foundant Client Advisory Board

As a CORE member, and Foundant user, I can address how the product works for a decentralized organization that awards grants throughout the country. I hope to learn best practices from other organizations that can help us further streamline our application process. I want to help make things easier for all our applicants and grantees.

- Nicky Vann, Director or Administration Grants and Awards, National Trust for Historic Preservation

Foundant Client Advisory Board

I hope to bring honest feedback and reliable testing to the board. For Foundant to remain a great selection for non-profit online grant management for large and small institutions it needs to remember the basics – stick to what they know and document everything

- Sally Weldon, Director of Information Technology, The Community Foundation of Western North Carolina

Foundant Client Advisory Board

I am happy to serve on the CORE advisory board because I feel GLM has re-energized my grant-making career by simplifying and modernizing our processes and as a thankful user I am happy to give back to Foundant in any way I can. I have been the Grants Manager of a small-staffed family foundation for the past 17 years, and I hope I can bring my unique perspective to the table in an effort to help Foundant grow and evolve.

- Susan Haley, Grants Manager, Dean & Margaret Lesher Foundation

Client Advisory Board

Foundant Technologies believes in transparency and listening. We know our clients have the best ideas and the greatest knowledge about how to make GLM and Foundant better and our clients know we aren’t afraid to tell the truth about our business practices, pricing and results. Because of this, we sought out an opportunity to ask "how are we doing" in an intimate and focused setting where we not only request, but demand honest answers.

The opportunity came in the formation of a Client Advisory Board – CORE. CORE is made up of a handful of clients ranging in geographical region, organization type, gender, age and engagement with Foundant. Throughout the year, CORE members meet with Foundants’ Executive Team to discuss our product, services and business direction as well as highlights and challenges we may be facing. The feedback and advice received from CORE members is used to make Foundant better for our entire client base.