Foundant Staff: Daren Nordhagen

I've spent nearly 20 years in sales roles for technology companies, and it’s easy for me to say the customers at Foundant are the best group of customers I’ve ever worked with. I’m very fortunate to work with a great team at Foundant that is committed to helping our great customers be successful.

- Daren Nordhagen, Foundant President

Foundant Staff: Mark Larimer

The best part of working at Foundant is the opportunity to work with such diverse grantmakers. I learn something from every single customer about how many unique ways there are to have an impact on whatever is your passion.

- Mark Larimer, VP of Marketing and Client Services

Foundant Staff: Chris Dahl

Knowing dedicated and passionate people are using our services to help others makes this the most rewarding job I’ve had. Solving challenging problems has always been satisfying to me, but I’m really excited by the opportunities to make a difference for both our clients and the people they assist.

- Chris Dahl, VP of Technology

Foundant Staff: Ami Adams

It's really nice when all your co-workers share the same exuberance for helping our valuable Foundant clients. I know when I introduce new clients to our training and implementation team they are in very good hands.

- Ami Adams, Regional Sales Director

Foundant Staff: Megan Dahl

Our clients are all philanthropists! I love that, and I love learning about the projects and organizations they fund. How lucky we are, here at Foundant, to have the opportunity to help our clients do all their good work, better and easier.

- Megan Dahl, Regional Sales Director

Foundant Staff: Grant Elliott

The best part of my job is the relationships built while working on implementing Foundant. I’ve learned a lot about this industry, but the most surprising part was how great the people are. I truly look forward to talking with clients on a daily basis.

- Grant Elliott, Director of Sales

Foundant Staff: Betty Bloomer

I thoroughly enjoy helping clients understand and get the most out of the software. I’ve never worked with so many people that genuinely enjoy what they’re doing, and they’re all doing great things to help people.

- Betty Bloomer, Client Success Manager

Foundant Staff: Kris Thorson

Helping clients get through their Data Migration in a stress free and efficient manner is a great part of my job. Big data can be overwhelming and paralyzing to look at. It is very satisfying to help clients through the confusion and finish with a clean useable product.

- Kris Thorson, Data Migrations Specialist

Foundant Staff: Mike Schuld

It amazes me every day to see how many people Foundant is helping and how many more there are out there that can benefit from what we do. This culture of helping others to do good runs through everything we do at Foundant, and it is my favorite part about being here.

- Mike Schuld, Lead Developer

Foundant Staff: Nick Combs

I really enjoy the problem solving I am faced with on a daily basis. New issues come my way, and I have to figure out the creative ways they were caused and how to prevent them from happening in future releases. I really feel like I get the chance to learn something new every day.

- Nick Combs, Quality Assurance Lead

Foundant Staff: Michelle Ough

My favorite thing about Foundant is the opportunity to work with so many people that enjoy what they are doing.

- Michelle Ough, Quality Assurance

Foundant Staff: Angie Miller

I really enjoy working behind the scenes to set up the logistics for client events like training sessions and user groups. It's great to hear how much our clients get out of these events.

- Angie Miller, Marketing Coordinator

Foundant Staff: Tiffany Maierle

I love being able to witness everyday how passionate my co-workers are about helping our clients. Relationship building is a main priority at Foundant.

- Tiffany Maierle, Marketing Director

Foundant Staff: Cory Brester

I've helped many different organizations with their information technology needs. The thing that sets Foundant apart from others I’ve worked with is their desire to do more – their high level of customer care and the dynamic community that has been created.

- Cory Brester, Technical Sales Engineer

Foundant Staff: Lynsey Elliott

Our environment at Foundant is fueled by our unique, dynamic and amazing customer base that has such a passion for what they do. I am blessed to be working with a team that prides themselves on creating a great customer experience for all of our valuable clients.

- Lynsey Elliott, Client Engagement Manager

Foundant Staff: Sammie Holzwarth

Hearing of all of the great things our clients do in the philanthropic world is the best part of working at Foundant. Getting to build working relationships with those people to make them Successful with GLM, means they have more time to focus on the stuff that real matters in their job’s, not just the paperwork.

- Sammie Holzwarth, Product Implementation Engineer

Foundant Staff: Suzie Boyer

I have a passion for the "good" people do in their communities. Having the opportunity to work for a company so dedicated to creating and supporting a product that helps make those endeavors happen, makes it easy to get up and go to work every day.

- Suzie Boyer, Company Culture Manager

Foundant Staff: Joey Dennehy

I am grateful for the opportunity to help develop Foundant products. I get to grow my skills as a software developer and at the same time know that it helps so many people that use our product.

- Joey Dennehy, Software Developer

Foundant Staff: Aaron Spevacek

The great thing about Foundant is that what you see from the outside is what you see on the inside. The energy everyone brings to their job as well as the constant focus on relationships and listening to customers run through everything we do.

- Aaron Spevacek, Client Success Manager

Foundant Staff: Hollie Short

There are so many benefits of working at Foundant. The atmosphere at the office is unlike any place I have worked. We all work together to achieve a common goal and have fun at the same time. Our clients are incredible to work with as well. I thoroughly enjoy getting to help solve our clients problems and correspond with them. They all seem to love what they do and put off a very positive energy.

- Hollie Short, Client Success Manager

Foundant Staff: Andy Kessenich

Being part of a team that thrives on the success of its clients inspires me every day. Whether it be coming up with online solutions to basic grant lifecycle workflows or participating in complex implementations, it is the customer that every employee here thinks of first!

- Andy Kessenich, Client Success Manager

Foundant Staff: Kristin Laird

I am thrilled to be part of the dedicated Foundant team. Being able to not only do what I love, but also grow those skills while communicating with the giving community fills me with excitement every day!

- Kristin Laird, Marketing Communications Manager

Foundant Staff: Reina Gallion

It is so nice to work at a company where everyone is striving for excellence. We believe in, care about, and are commitment to, the work our clients do. This ideology is reflected in every aspect of Foundant, but especially in our commitment to client support. It is extremely rewarding to help our clients maximize their local and global impact.

- Reina Gallion, Client Success Manager

Foundant Staff: Tammy Tilzey

Foundant is not just a fun place to work - it’s also a well-run organization with a clear vision of what we are doing and why. Everyone is focused on contributing to the success of our customers, each other and maintaining a culture where we can enjoy doing what we do.

- Tammy Tilzey, Director of GrantHub

Foundant Staff: Chad Angerer

It's very fulfilling to work on a product that helps communities of people do “good” for others. Couple that with the culture and people inside of Foundant and you have a very exciting combination.

- Chad Angerer, GrantHub Senior Software Developer

Foundant Staff: Darah Moore

The best part of working at Foundant is the team environment. Everyone works together to make the GLM experience the best possible for our clients.

- Darah Moore, Marketing Events Director

Foundant Staff: Tracy Larimer

Foundant's clients are inspiring! They make a difference in their own area of passion and go out of their way to help other Foundations. I see this in our videos, our online discussion board, at conferences and regional events, and in our clients’ willingness to talk with other foundations that are thinking about going online. I’m excited to be a part of helping foundations do good, better!

- Tracy Larimer, Regional Sales Director

Foundant Staff: Weston Paul

In today's world customer service is paramount and Foundant rises above and beyond in how they take care of their clients. I’m proud to be part of a team who values other people’s needs so highly.

- Weston Paul, Client Success Manager

Foundant Staff: Heidi Balus

It's satisfying to go to work every day at a company whose customers work to make the world a better place.

- Heidi Balus, Financial Controller

Foundant Staff: Shana Keilson

At Foundant, every day requires a different approach and I’m able to learn so much more, not just from other co-workers, but also the clients with whom Foundant works. I enjoy helping people who want to make a difference, and being able to collaborate with such a tight-knit team makes it all possible.

- Shana Keilson, Data Migration Specialist

Foundant Staff: Jacob Sharp

Growing up in a poverty-stricken area of St. Louis, I discovered firsthand the power of philanthropy. Without amazing nonprofits – and the foundations making their missions possible – I wouldn’t have been able to access the resources and education I needed to realize my potential. I joined Foundant to see what I could give back to the philanthropic community in return for what they’ve given me.

- Jacob Sharp, Client Success Manager

Foundant Staff: Tyler Kern

The best part of working at Foundant and GrantHub is the opportunity to help and support a wide range of grantseekers. I am able to learn from every interaction I have with customers and I love the fact that I can see the impact we really have on them.

- Tyler Kern, GrantHub Client Services Manager

Foundant Staff: Chris Sutton

I love building systems that save people time and streamline daily processes. In my 20 plus years as a software developer, I have found that people in the philanthropic community are the most appreciative of the time savings software solutions can bring to them. They are also the most enjoyable to work with and I feel are making the greatest impact in our communities. Working at Foundant has given me the opportunity to work with more of these incredible people.

- Chris Sutton, Director of CommunitySuite

Foundant Staff: Dana Kinsey

It is amazing to work with Community Foundations! Our clients work tirelessly to ensure that funding and donations are given to high priority local needs and I love helping them do it! While software may not always be glamorous, it is really fun to see how our software allows foundations to do so much more with their time - I never get tired of hearing them say, "Oh is that all I have to do?!"

- Dana Kinsey, CommunitySuite Marketing Manager

Foundant Staff: Mike Puccio

I find Foundant inspiring. It is great to be part of an industry leading organization where "do the right thing" defines organizational culture. Foundant's commitment to its clients and the overall philanthropic space drives me to be a better person.

- Mike Puccio, CommunitySuite Client Success Manager

Foundant Staff: Jerad Meidinger

I thrive on being in a supporting role for my coworkers. If I can save a few clicks occasionally for each person, or make their job easier, that will trickle up to allow them to better serve our clients. And, in the end, that’s what Foundant stands for – helping others.

- Jerad Meidinger, Internal Systems Manager

Foundant Staff: Elizabeth Gilje

I love being part of a culture that places upmost importance on both the client and employee experience. It's truly fulfilling to work with so many incredible people, and know we are helping enable the philanthropic community to better fulfill their mission.

- Elizabeth Gilje, Marketing Engagement Manager

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Building Community

When Foundant Technologies started building software for grant and scholarship management the options were few. MicroEdge, Bromelkamp, Altum, Dotche and CyberGrants were just about the only choices. And if you wanted an online solution, you were looking at investing tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of dollars. Foundant was built on the principle of providing a reasonably priced solution any grantmaker could use to manage their foundation online. We remember people asking us, "Why would I ever go online?" or "How will you stay in business with your fees so low?"

Obviously the times have changed. Now there are many more options, and we no longer have to explain the benefits of online grant management. Now we hear, "Why do the other vendors charge so much more?" Our growth has been impressive as we have added hundreds of clients and proven that delivering high value at a reasonable price is a sustainable and profitable model for our business.

The most pleasant surprise we’ve experienced these past few years is the authentic relationship we have developed with our clients. We have learned so much from them and have forged strong and lasting relationships. Our clients have become part of "The Foundant Story" and through their insights and suggestions we continually improve our company and our solution. We are very proud and humbled by the role our clients have taken in the development of Foundant. We invite you to take time to learn about our team, to investigate our solution, and most importantly, to talk to our clients. We believe you will be impressed.